Concert „Rikataka, new Balkan rhythm“

“(Their) authenticity is magical, and what amazes the most are the countless possibilities of body rhythm. The audience is fascinated, delighted, wanting more and wanting to postpone the end of this performance as much as possible, as the performance drawing us in.”

Ines Wagner, Kulturvision Aktuell


World music from Balkans in innovative musical arrangements, performed with body percussion and singing represents cultural heritage in a direct, breathtaking and extraordinary way.

Songs from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania describe the world and culture of the Balkans, which all people, including minorities, from this area share not just by geography, but also emotionally and historically in this politically unstable area in constant changes.

It is a musical journey guided by the duo of performers, whose story is also unveiled during the performance.

The concert is a new project of Alice in WonderBand, performed in Serbia (Piano city Novi Sad festival, Hrizantema festival, Alef festival, festival), Montenegro (Barski ljetopis in Bar, Festival of street players in Niksic, Korifej festival in Kolasin) and Germany (Freies Musikzentrum Munich, Meta Theater Munich).

Alice in WonderBand has successfully performed in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and many stages in Serbia.

From the Press:

“Stunning percussion of the body. Powerfully and with the enchanting energy and passion, traditional Balkan songs are mixed with the performers’ original songs. Both artists are highly talented and creative in many different ways.”

Ines Wagner, Kulturvision Aktuell

Quick and intensive rhythm of the play that urges audience with its tempo and sincerity to remember the strength that body possesses and could be awaken.”

Nataša Gvozdenovic, critique

Alice in WonderBand was founded in 1998 on Fruska Gora Mountain (nearby to the city of Novi Sad, provincial capital of Vojvodina) and since then the band has been performing and educating audience in Serbia and neighboring region. They are the only artists in this part of Europe who have been developing very specific type of performing arts: unity of music, theater, dance, movement and acrobatics with special art of body percussion. They have been working with international body percussion artists and developing this technique which uses body as a rhythmical instrument. Alice in WonderBand is a lifelong project of musicians Ana Vrbaski and Marko Dinjaski, who are partners on stage and in private life for 22 years, which gives their presence and relationship on stage completely new dimension.

Visnja Obradovic – director is actress of Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad. She was educated internationally in acting, movement, dance and comedia dell’ arte. She has played numerous rolls in her home theater and has received numerous acknowledgements and awards. She was also working as an assistant professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, teaching stage movement and comedia dell’ arte.

Directed by Visnja Obradovic
Performed by Ana Vrbaski i Marko Dinjaski
Musical arrangements/Composition Alice in WonderBand
Sound design by Goran Vujicin
Costumes by Natasa Jovicic / Lutkart
Hair style by Budislav Vlajkov / Beastic
Produced by Otvoreni krug Novi Sad
Performance duration is one hour.

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01/13 Дoček 7528. Pozoriste mladih, Novi Sad

Past performances

10/08 Dorcolsko narodno pozoriste, Belgrade, Serbia
09/28 Festival, Pancevo, Serbia
08/31 Street players’ festival, Niksic, Montenegro
08/15 Barski Ljetopis, Bar, Montenegro
08/12 Korifej festival, Kolasin, Montenegro
07/24 Banat Fairytale, Zrenjanin, Serbia
07/22 Colorfull Cooperation, Palic, Serbia
07/04 ALEF, Summer festival in Aleksinac, Serbia
06/09 Special performance at Body Rhythm Hamburg Festival Show, Hamburg, Germany
05/17 Dorcolsko narodno pozoriste, Belgrade, Serbia
04/25 Dorcolsko narodno pozoriste, Belgrade, Serbia
03/27 Dorcolsko narodno pozoriste, Belgrade, Serbia
02/23 Meta Theater, Munich, Germany
02/24 at Montessori Eberharting concert with De Bavarian Immigrants, Lokirchen, Germany

11/11 Theater Strickerei, Grabenstaet, Germany
10/11 Freies Musikzentrum e.V. München, Munich, Germany
09/11 Opening of community center Offner Raum, Traunstein, Germany
26/10 Hrizantema festival, Art cinema Aleksandar Lifka, Subotica, Serbia
07/09 Festival Piano City Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia

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