Muzička čestitka Musical video greeting

Muzičke čestitke! Musical video greetings!

Muzičke čestitke za posebne osobe i prilike! Komponujemo, izvodimo i snimamo muzičke čestitke osmišljene posebno za vaše uši, za rođendane, godišnjice, imendane, rođenja, krštenja, venčanja, praznike i sve posebne prilike! Birajte žanr, ritam i stil. Obratite nam se minimum 7 dana pre nego što čestitka treba da bude gotova. Opišite nam priliku i osobu i […]

body music

Srećni praznici! Happy holidays!

Srećni praznici! Happy holidays! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year with a little bit of body music! May the next one bring you all you lacked in the past one: many hugs, travels, kisses, dear people, new friendships and sprinkle of joy in every misfortune. This wonderful carol we decided […]

New Balkan Rhythm workshops

NEW BALKAN RHYTHM WORKSHOPS Learn songs and irregular rhythms of Balkans with us in our New Balkan Rhythm workshops. Izgrjala e mesechinka/Moonlight is shining Traditional song from Bulgaria This beautiful Bulgarian song is telling a story of a young girl Irina (Irinchica in diminutive) that is picking the flowers during moonlight to enchant her loved […]

Odyssey of body music – the Body Rhythm Festival

Every time you return somewhere, it is like coming back home. Hamburg, the big harbor, capital of travelers, hasn’t changed a day for me since I visited it last year. My partner Marko and me were greeted with sun and incredibly hot June, after rain and this year’s spring (that was actually more like autumn), […]


Alice in WonderBand is a family project that transformed into a music and theater group.     Ana Vrbaski Fruska gora contact.awb(@) +381621504391 Singer and body percussionlist, member of Alice in WonderBand. Composer, theater and music performer, writes lyrics, songs, texts and travelogues. „Body as an instrument“ workshop leader, with Marko Dinjaski. Hatha yoga instructor. […]

Body music workshops „Body as an instrument“

Body music workshop for everyone interested in developing music skills and creativity Body percussion is a technique of using our body as a percussive instrument: learning different ways to clap, snap, thump and stomp, and also making unusual sounds we can play with our hands, mouth, fingers, etc. During the workshop „Body as an instrument“ […]

Concert „Rikataka, new Balkan rhythm“

“(Their) authenticity is magical, and what amazes the most are the countless possibilities of body rhythm. The audience is fascinated, delighted, wanting more and wanting to postpone the end of this performance as much as possible, as the performance drawing us in.” Ines Wagner, Kulturvision Aktuell World music from Balkans in innovative musical arrangements, performed […]

Kiss Musical Comedy

 “What this duo celebrated and performed on stage was grandiose. These artists use only their bodies and voices as music instruments. Nothing more. But they do it with such energy, knowingly and persuasive, that their act is also a very amusing and interesting pleasure, that in the same time has depth. What they offer […]

Alice in WonderBand performing in Milano clown festival

See you from February 15 to February 17 on the streets of Milano, in Isola, at Milano clown festival! The announcement of the dates, times and places for the Alice in WonderBand ‘s performance at Milano Clown Festival! 15 February 16:00 h TEATRO SASSETTI 18:00 h CIRCO BUSSA 16 February 17:00 h SACRO VOLTO 19:00 […]