Since 1998 family Dinjaski – Vrbaski is living the forest life in the hills of Fruska gora near a picturesque small town of Sremski Karlovci in the north of Serbia. In 1998 we became a family of three, when Vid was born, and in 2001 a family of four, with Alisa. Our children were growing up in the nature, climbing trees and playing with cats and dogs (and musical instruments) and then went to schools in Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, nearby town, where we grew up. The kids moved to the town of Novi Sad, where they are working and starting their studies.

Living a forest ife

We often meet our friends and like-minded people in work and enjoyment, picking plants and fruits, doing workshops of various content and eating delicious healthy food.
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We usually prepare vegetarian meals, as we did in the filming of TV Arte‘s show Zu Tisch. The balance of our nutritious meals and exercise keeps us healthy and young. We are yoga practitioners. Body music also helps in the equilibrium of healthy habits, for singing and moving in rhythm is surely great way to stay fit and happy. We can perform for you anywhere and anytime.

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