New Balkan Rhythm in the spring of 2021

We are preparing an online event with participation of Anna Llombart, Ben Schuetz, Max Pollak and Alice in WonderBand duo from Serbia, Ana Vrbaski and Marko Dinjaski. Stay tuned!

New Balkan Rhythm in September of 2021

New Balkan Rhythm, body music festival in Novi Sad is an international project, an event that promotes the technique of body music and body percussion in Serbia and the region. It will be held in Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, with a possibility of an event in Belgrade during September of 2021 (from 7th to 30th, central activities happening from 17th to 20th).

During the festival there will be a concert of world music by the artistic group Alice in WonderBand, the pioneers in this technique in Serbia and the region. The centerpieces of the festival are workshops held by Anna Llombart, Spanish teacher and choreographer of body percussion and tap dance, Ben Schuetz, German musician, educator, body percussionist and drummer, Max Pollak, dancer, musician and a singer from Austria/USA and Marko Dinjaški and Ana Vrbaški, members of the Open Circle Novi Sad Citizens Association, body percussionists and music and theater performers. After the workshops, there will be a presentation of the workshops, a concert at which participants and workshop leaders will perform.

The festival is for youth and adults alike.

Participation is free of charge for participants from Serbia, youth, adults and youth with disability and youth at risk. We have cooperation agreements with Elementary and Secondary Boarding School Milan Petrovic and Center for social work Novi Sad (Shelter for children and youth Novi Sad). The open invitation will attract interested participants from Serbia, Balkans and Europe. In co-operation with the Body Rhythm festival in Hamburg, which gathers over one hundred international participants every year, we will bring the news of the festival to the European and world community of body musicians.

The target groups are music educators, music performers (singers, instrumentalists and percussionists), composers, conductors, performing artists, special educators, youth workers, dancers, choreographers, circus artists and others. Body music has an implementation in the performing arts, choir performance, pedagogy, music therapy. The content of the workshops will be the basics of body percussion techniques and songs from the traditions of the people of Vojvodina combined with the musical heritage of Europe and South America.

There is no body music festival in Serbia and the region. There are three festivals in Europe (Body Rhythm in Hamburg, Germany, Rhythm Weekend, Jervenpa, Finland, and the International Body Music Festival, a traveling event, this year in Rome, organized by Crosspulse from the USA). Therefore, this is a unique event in Serbia and the region, and very interesting for participants from surrounding European countries (Hungary, Austria, Italy, etc.).

We (the organisers) are Citizens’ Association Otvoreni krug Novi Sad (Open circle Novi Sad), an independent cultural organization, existing for 5 years, and we have our own music and music theater productions. We are holding workshops of body music and performing in Serbia, Balkans (Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia) and Europe (Germany, Italy, France).

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