Teach me, mother, scold me

Teach me, mother, scold me is a music video for traditional North Macedonian song of the same name performed by Alice in WonderBand, a group of music and theater performers from Serbia.

The video is a story about a relationship between a man and a woman told by movement, dance, body percussion and music and shot in the beautiful landscape of Fruska gora mountain in northern province of Serbia, Vojvodina.


Directed by: Višnja Obradović
Performers: Alice in WonderBand (Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški)
Srđan Đuranović (Craft Film Collective/Zanatsko filmska zajednica)
Igor Stević (Studio Skladka)
Gaffer: Goran Jevtić
Video editing, postproduction: Igor Stević (Studio Skladka)
Sound design, music production: Goran Vujičin (MrV production)
Costumes: Nataša Jovičić (LUTKART)
Hair: Budislav Vlajkov (Beastic)
Production: Otvoreni krug Novi Sad/Open circle Novi Sad

Director statement

We are all imagining meeting someone we cannot reach. And we image it in a magical place where there is only two of us. In this place we can feel the person and dance all our sences.

Following the traditional song of encounter of Stoyan with his unrequited love Lilyana, the music video explores this relationship in an artistic way.

Visnja Obradovic

Lyrics of the song

Uči me, majko, karaj me (Macedonian traditional song) is a story about Stoyan, who is in love with Lilyana, a beautiful girl from his village. He is asking his mother’s help, to teach him how to make Lilyana marry him. Mother gives him advice, which he follows, but the result is not what he expected to be.

Teach me mother, scold me
How can I marry Lilyana
Lilyana, a beautiful girl,
Lilyana, slim and tall,
Lilyana, white and red,
Lilyana, a tiny basil,
Lilyana, an only child.

I am teaching you my son:
Summon three-hundred workers
Make a colorful fountain
So that it runs cold water
And all the villagers will come
And Lilyana’s friends too
All of them brunette brides
Let’s hope Lilyana will come too.

Stoyan listened to his mother,
He summoned three-hundred workers,
He made the colorful fauntain,
And cold water run out of it,
All the villagers came,
And Lilyana’s friends too,
All of them brunette brides;
Lilyana, the bitch, did not come!

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Technical specifications

Format of recording: HDV
Resolution: 1920×1080
25 fps
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Panasonic, Lumix GH4
Runtime: 4 minutes 7 seconds