New Balkan Rhythm workshops

Bukuroshja e lales/Beautiful girl of Lala Traditional song from Albania For the translation and interpretation of the song we owe a big thanks to Arjan Emini, a friend from Albania. We’ve learned it from Elina Duni’s interpretation at TEDx Talk. This love song is written in Middle Albanian dialect and the words are chosen in […]


Alice in WonderBand is a family project that transformed into a music and theater group.     Ana Vrbaski Fruska gora contact.awb(@) +381621504391 Singer and body percussionlist, member of Alice in WonderBand. Composer, theater and music performer, writes lyrics, songs, texts and travelogues. „Body as an instrument“ workshop leader, with Marko Dinjaski. Hatha yoga instructor. […]

Body music workshops „Body as an instrument“

Body music workshop for everyone interested in developing music skills and creativity Body percussion is a technique of using our body as a percussive instrument: learning different ways to clap, snap, thump and stomp, and also making unusual sounds we can play with our hands, mouth, fingers, etc. During the workshop „Body as an instrument“ […]

Ekodrom festival i radionica „Telo kao instrument“

Na magičnom mestu u brdima blizu Karlovca u Hrvatskoj održan je ovogodišnji, sedmi, Ekodrom festival, a na njemu radionica „Telo kao instrument“, pevanja i telesnih perkusija, koju je vodila Ana Vrbaški. Oko 30 učesnika je prošlo kroz četvorodnevnu radionicu na kojoj smo se bavili muzikom i ritmovima Balkana. Evo kako je izgledala prezentacija!