The Cricket and the Ant on a birthday

„The Cricket and the Ant on a birthday“ is a new children’s show performed by Alice in WonderBand!
The premiere was on September 13, 2020 at the Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth, which was held online this year at

It is for an audience older than 4 years.

„The Cricket and the Ant on a birthday“ is a non-verbal play that uses theatrical, dance and musical language equally, relying on the motifs of the famous Aesop’s fable. Living in a modern society, our Cricket and Ant show what their world looks like when they are in the immediate vicinity of a child’s birthday celebration – when giant children throw rubbish on the ground and (un)consciously endanger their lives.

The play aims to point out, through the story of a friendship, the environmental problems of today and the necessity of empathy for the living creatures around us that we do not notice.

„The Cricket and the Ant on a birthday“
by motifs of Aesop’s fable „The Cricket and the Ant“
Directed by: Sonja Petrović
Dramaturgy: Dr. Fatma Kećeli
Scenography: Sonja Petrović
Costumes: Marija Petrović
Music: Alice in WonderBand
Sound design: Miloš Milić
Light design: Imre Makra
Cricket: Ana Vrbaški
Ant: Marko Dinjaški
Production: Bečej Theater and Ecological Theater Festival for Children and Youth


09/13 Premiere, Festival of ecological children for theater and youth