Audio or video musical greetings for special people and unforgettable moments!

We compose, perform and record musical video greetings designed especially for your ears, for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays and all special occasions! Choose genre, rhythm and style.

Express your love with musical video greeting

If you have the lyrics, it is fine with us. Our lyrics writer, Ana Vrbaski, prefers to write them herself. Just let us know about the person you want to send the greeting to, about your connection, life events that you share and all the wonderful details you would like to fit into a song.

We can create a video greeting for you, as well. Send us photos or video and we will fit them into the whole concept.

Contact us minimum seven days before delivery date. Price is 30 EUR per hour.

Check out greetings we have published on our YouTube channel in Serbian and English. You can feel the emotions, even if you don’t understand the language. That is the whole point!