Learn body percussion: we teach music from Balkans and irregular rhythms or odd beats with our YouTube New Balkan Rhythm workshops!
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We’d like to inspire you to take the body percussion journey

New Balkan Rhythm workshops is our way to bring body music and irregular rhythms closer together, and closer to you. When we perform our concert, we perform all of these songs in a bit more complex musical arrangements. As professionals, we strive for excellence. We are in this place where we came step by step. And we would like to share these steps with you!

Body music is really a tool that anyone can use to make music. That is why we teach different than we perform. We made workshops that you can easily follow and that will inspire you to take the body music journey yourself.

One step at the time is what makes the journey
One element at the time is how you learn body percussion with New Balkan Rhythm workshops

What we recommend is to work first on one of the two: singing or body percussion. The lyrics have a rhythm themselves, so, if you first learn the song it will help you to learn the rhythmic patterns more easy. But the opposite works as well.

There is not really a right or wrong way to do it and do as you prefer. The only thing you shouldn’t do is overburden your body and brain by trying to do too many things at once at the beginning. As any skill, it grows over time and in the end you can even have a conversation while playing body percussion.

Furthermore, when you work on body percussion patterns, start from the accents, with your stomping or clapping, depending on which marks the first in the beat. Adding elements one by one can be helpful. Also, try working on a pattern for five to ten minutes and then doing something else. You will see how it gets much easier over time – and if you sleep it over, it becomes natural. The body remembers. Well, not really muscles or bones, because the nerve cells that remember are in the brain. Anyway the statement above has the truth to it, even if it is not literally so.

Body music gets under your skin and rhythms from Balkans have a drive of their own. Playing them with your body is the most natural way to dance to them. Let’s make music by dancing!

And if you want to learn music with us online or offline, in our forest home, contact us.
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