Filming of TV show Zu Tisch Vojvodina

AWb in ARTE’s Zu Tisch Vojvodina

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Alice in WonderBand will be staring in TV Arte’s Zu Tisch Vojvodina about Novi Sad and Fruska gora.

When we moved to live in the forest, ecotourism was not the first thing on our minds. We knew we wanted to live in equilibrium with nature. We were young: Ana was 19, Marko 23. We’ve just had our first kid, son Vid. He was three months old. So, since 1998 family Dinjaski – Vrbaski is living the forest life in the hills of Fruska gora. We are situated near a picturesque small town of Sremski Karlovci in the north of Serbia. In 2001 we became a family of four, with Alisa.

Our children were growing up in the nature, climbing trees and playing with cats and dogs (and musical instruments). They went to schools in Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, nearby town, where we grew up.

Few years ago kids moved to Novi Sad. They are working and starting their studies. Both of them are finding their path in life. Alisa is studying comparative literature and Vid is studying light design at the Academy of arts. We are happy they chose to explore the different forms of art expression.

Alisa is very passionate about cooking and food, as well. She got it from a long line of passionate food lovers from both sides of the family. It is a family tradition, as well as very important part of our culture. In Vojvodina we are very serious about what we eat! Unfortunately for the female part of the family, it is mostly meat. Alisa decided to be a vegetarian in the high school, and Ana did some 14 years ago. They is very careful with choosing what to eat and what to feed their loved ones with. These recipes are Alisa’s project, with a little help from the family. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

Living a forest life

Living in forest, we were very concerned to take care of the waste we produce and pollution we make. From the beginning we recycle our waste. We compost the biological waste in a pit in the ground and mix it with forest soil. The soil in the area of Fruska gora is clay, very good for vineyards and fruit, but not at all for gardens. Compost we’ve been making is essential food for our tomatoes, rucola and pumpkins!

We often meet our friends and like-minded people in work and enjoyment. Together we pick herbs, plants and fruits. We love doing workshops of various content in nature and eating delicious healthy food. Check out the recipes we share with you on the page!

We usually prepare vegetarian or vegan meals, as we did in the filming of TV Arte‘s show Zu Tisch. The balance of our nutritious meals and exercise keeps us healthy and young. We are yoga practitioners. Body music also helps in the equilibrium of healthy habits, for singing and moving in rhythm is surely great way to stay fit and happy.

Because of all the above is too good not to be shared, we are developing the concept of ecotourism.

Ecotourism in Fruska gora

Imagine a stay in a beautiful picturesque city of Sremski Karlovci, that is situated on the shore of the Danube river. There are really some cosy places to stay, from hotels to hostels to rooms of the locals. Novi Sad, Vojvodina’s capital is just twenty minutes ride from it. Sremski Karlovci are on the slope of Fruska gora, a beautiful hill that is park of nature, as well.

We are situated ten minutes ride or (forty minutes walk) from Sremski Karlovci in the woods of Fruska gora. We can perform for you anywhere and anytime. That’s why body music is awesome! Do you want to join a workshop in the woods, concert on a meadow, pick some herbs on the walk through forest? Or, perhaps, make a scented stick out of lavender? Learn some world music songs? Some rhythms from Balkans? We’ve got you covered.

You can join us.
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