Concert Rika Taka, New Balkan Rhythm of Alice in WonderBand presents world music from Balkans in innovative musical arrangements, performed with body percussion and singing.

It represents cultural heritage in a direct, breathtaking and extraordinary way.

World music from the Balkans

Songs from Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania, Turkey, Greece, describe the world and culture of the Balkans, which all people, including minorities from this area share not just by geography.

The music in the concert connects all the countries of the area. Many of those have a history of political disputes. The world of Balkans is described with its world music, rhythms and beats, illustrating that the people of the region have a real connection, aside from the political turmoil.

Documentary footage, performing at Balkan:MOST festival

RikaTaka, New Balkan Rhythm album was No 7 on World Music Charts Europe and No 10 on Balkan World Music Chart in December of 2022.

Find it: digital platforms or web shop of the publisher CPL Music.

From the Press

Performances: Barski ljetopis (Studio Petović), festival (Vodenis Media), Body Rhythm Hamburg festival (Georg Tedeschi), A to Jazz festival (Rumina Georgieva), ARLEMM (Dragan Zabunović)

“I raise my imaginary hat, …this is really a new sound in Balkan world music.”

Galgóczi Tamás,

Mit einem unbändigen Elan bringt das Duo Alice in WonderBand aus Serbien einen interessanten Stilmix zu Gehör.”

Michael Brinkschulte, Der Hörspiegel

Always original and inspiring

“Amazing band. Or a miracle of a band.” 
Amir Misirlić

 “… they brought their new musical expression to perfection and to a high artistic value.” 
Dragutin Matošević,

“The Alice in WonderBand duo are constantly chasing through exciting landscapes of art, creativity, ideas and projects like a rushing train… always original and inspiring.”
Marija Vitas, Magazine Etnoumlje, World Music Association, Serbia

Ergen dedo (Bulgaria)

“The turning point in their career has happened in 2011, when the landmark of (their) work became the theater, that is, in 2013, when (they) started expressing themselves with the simplest means, voice and body percussion, so „body as an instrument“ has become an appropriate determinant of what they are creating now and their artistic expression has become significantly reduced. This does not mean less effective and expressive, on the contrary.”
Oliver Đorđević, Magazine Etnoumlje, WMAS, Serbia

“…the recapitulation and reorganisation or disintegration not known until now of this (Balkan) tradition…”
Branimir Lokner, TMMzine

About Alice in WonderBand

Alice in WonderBand was founded in 1998 on Fruska Gora in North Serbia and since then the band has been performing world music and educating audience in Serbia and neighboring region. The only artists in this part of Europe who have been developing very specific type of performing arts: it is a unity of music, theater, dance, movement and acrobatics with special art of body percussion.

They have been working with international body percussion artists and developing this technique which uses body as a rhythmical instrument.

Alice in WonderBand is a lifelong project of musicians Ana Vrbaski and Marko Dinjaski, who are partners on stage and in private life for 25 years, which gives their presence and relationship on stage completely new dimension.

Performances in Barski ljetopis (Studio Petović), festival (Vodenis Media), promo photos (Igor Stević), A to Jazz festival (Rumina Georgieva), FestivalNO (Tsvetomira Ivanova), ARLEMM (Dragan Zabunović), WanderBlack (D festival)

Photographs: Aleksandar Alempijevic, Karusel festival, Cacak, 2021; 4KMedia Studios Hungary, European Forum on Music, 2023

World music concert Rika Taka
New Balkan Rhythm
Performed by Ana Vrbaski i Marko Dinjaski
Musical arrangements/Composition Alice in WonderBand
Coreography Visnja Obradovic
Sound design by Goran Vujicin
Costumes by Jelena Nedeljkovic; Lutkart
Hair style by Budislav Vlajkov / Beastic
Produced by Open circle Novi Sad
Performance duration is 90 minutes.

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New Balkan Rhythm festival, Sremski Karlovci, 2023
A to Jazz festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2023


06/15 Concert at Sommer im Rosenheim, Germany
07/06 Folkest World Music Showcase, San Daniele Del Friuli, Italy
07/11Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, short showcase performance, Kaustinen, Finland
07/12 Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, participatory concert for kids
07/12 Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, concert
07/13 Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, concert with Vilma Talvitie
07/20, 07/21 Trefpunt festival, Ghent, Belgium
07/26 Musical Picnics concert series, Trenčin, Slovakia
08/10 Maraton hudby, Brno, Czech Republic
08/11 Smolenice Castle, Slovakia
08/13 Blues nad Bečvou, Přerov, Czech Republic
08/17 World Music Festival Bratislava, Slovakia
08/18 – 08/25 Tour in Slovakia, more info soon (Zvuk for Štiavnica, Zvuk for Modra / Spectaculum production)
08/31 New Balkan Rhythm festival, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
09/06 – 09/07 Večeri udaraljkaša, concert, workshops, Križevci, Croatia
09/22 St. Gallen, Switzerland
10/03 Gwangju Busking World Cup, Gwangju, South Korea

Selected performances

06/01 Concert with CISI, Kontakt, Krakow, Poland
05/28 Teatr Rozbark, Bytom, Poland
05/18, 05/19 Music Meeting festival, Nijmegen, Netherlands
04/27 Balkan Trafik festival, Brussels, Belgium
04/24 Zorica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
03/26 Bytom and Novi Sad: Mirror with sound, work-in-progress performance, residency supported by Culture Moves Europe program, Teatr Rozbark, Bytom, Poland
03/16, 03/17 Kiss Musical Comedy, Teater Rozbark
03/05 Celica, Sozvučja svetov, Ljubljana, Slovenia
03/02 Zadruga Zelenica, Zagreb, Croatia
02/13 Kafe Scherz, Bratislava, Slovakia

11/18 House concert with Vilma Talvitie, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
10/30 Casa Comum, Porto, Portugal
10/27 WOMEX, World Music Association of Serbia reception, La Coruna, Spain
10/14 Vinoskop, Skopje
10/07 Charity concert, Svoj svet Association, Novi Sad
09/09 BALKAN:MOST Festival, Veszprem, Hungary
09/01 Knin, Croatia
08/25 New Balkan Rhythm festival, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
08/15 Dom kulture, Srbobran, Serbia
08/08 Music A cafe, Nitra, Slovakia
08/07 Smolenicki zamak, Smolenice, Slovakia
08/05 Piešťany Street ART festival, Slovakia
08/04 Piešťany Street ART festival, Slovakia
08/02 Radio FM, live concert, Hudba sveta radio show, Bratislava
07/18 ARLEMM, Arilje, Serbia
07/08 Gabrovo, Bulgaria
07/06 A to Jazz festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
07/02 DombosFest, Mali Iđoš, Serbia
06/30 D festival, Dojran, Macedonia
06/18 Street performers festival, Tirana, Albania
06/13 Dani lavande, Bačka Topola
06/11 Crnorečje u pesmi i igri, Boljevac, Serbia
06/09 European Music Forum, MOST Music programme, Budapest, Hungary
05/28 Body Rhythm festival show, Hamburg, Germany
18/05 OKC Abrašević, Mostar, Bosnia
04/30 Statue Fest, Loznica, Serbia
04/19 Dorćol Platz, Belgrade, Serbia
04/14 Cultural center Mesnička, Zagreb, Croatia
04/11 Bulevar Books, Novi Sad, Serbia
03/18 Prulček, Ljubljana, Slovenia
03/17 FUNK (E.T.N.O. production), Koprivnica, Croatia
03/16 Pučko otvoreno učilište, Pazin, Croatia
03/01 Vukovar, Croatia
02/10 Silosi, Beograd, Serbia

12/23 Daruvar, Croatia
12/22 Bulevar Books, Novi Sad, Serbia
09/22 New Balkan Rhythm festival, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
08/27 Trznfest, Trzin, Slovenia
08/06 Floating castle festival, Castle Snežnik, Slovenia
06/04 Body Rhythm festival show, Hamburg, Germany
02/13 Močvara klub, Zagreb, Croatia

10/23 Ethno Fusion Fest, Belgrade, Serbia
08/02 Karusel festival, Čačak, Serbia

17/06 Artist Lockdown, online ticketed event
13/06 Stay Home Music festival, online live stream on Facebook
13/01 Doček, Novi Sad, Serbia

02/23 concert in Meta Theater, Munich, Germany
09/28 festival, Pančevo, Serbia

10/11 Freies Musikzentrum e.V. München, Munich, Germany
02/05 New year’s meeting of Kulturforum Rosenheim, City Gallery Rosenheim, Germany
02/04 Cafe Kurkuma, Hallein, Austria

09/28 Festival Week of foreign cultures, Serbian cultural centre, Paris, France

Jovano, Jovanke new music video funded by the MOST Music project
Karusel festival in Čačak, 2021