Gingerbread with lemon and cranberry

Gingerbread with lemon and cranberry is a perfect healthy treat for cold days. They go best with a cup of hot tea. Delicious – and easy to make.

Celery leaf soup

Celery leaf soup is easy and quick to make. It’s suitable for vegans and gluten free. It’s also tasty, healthy, and rich in nutrients.

Pumpkin cake with coconut

Pumpkin cake is a dessert perfect for autumn, and very easy to prepare, healthy and nutritious. We use coconut, carob, peanuts, chocolate, oatmeal and nutmeg.

Spelled whole grain no yeast bread

Learn to make unleavened bread easy in less than one hour from family Dinjaski Vrbaski or Alice in WonderBand: vegetarian recipes for a healthy and long life.

Smoothie with herbs

Smoothie with herbs is the easiest thing to make in the summer. Eat healthy vegan food!

Kuglof with carrots

Kuglof is a very healthy cake and we are making it with carrots, to mix the usual recipe with carrot cake recipe. Eat healthy with Dinjaski Vrbaski family.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a favorite spread of children and adults. There is no reason to buy an overpriced product with various additives, when the making process is simple and you know what you are eating: peanuts, olive oil and salt

AWb in ARTE’s Zu Tisch

Alice in WonderBand will be staring in TV Arte’s Zu Tisch about Novi Sad and Vojvodina.

Odyssey of body music – Body Rhythm Festival

Body Rhythm festival in Hamburg is an unforgettable experience we return to every year since 2018.

Body Rhythm festival unbelievable experience

Body Rhythm Festival experience written by Ana Vrbaski. Life changing experience of body music and body percussion in Hamburg.