New Balkan Rhythm festival is the first body music festival in Serbia and the region. Enjoy body music and the merging of world cultural heritage in Sremski Karlovci from September 22 to 25.

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Attend workshops of international masters Max Pollak, Anna Llombart and Ben Schuetz and local, Marko Dinjaški and Ana VrbaškiAlice in WonderBand. Feel the rhythms of Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Balkans pulsating through your body!

First festival of body music in Serbia and the region
Play your body, workshops with Ben Schuetz

Combine dancing, making music, movement and singing into one

Anna Llombart (Spain) – dancer, choreographer and lecturer, artistic director and choreographer of the dance group Woodbeats, combines traditional Spanish music and contemporary artistic expression.

Max Pollak (USA / Austria) – step dancer, body percussionist, singer, choreographer, winner of the Hoofer and Flobert awards, combines African-Cuban, Austrian and American tradition, performs with symphony and chamber orchestras around the world. Max Pollak is one of the most respected personalities in the world of percussive dance and the world music genre today.

Ben Schuetz (Germany) – drummer and body percussionist, founder of the international body music festival Body Rhythm in Hamburg, studies traditional music of South America, in addition to a broad education in Western, classical music and popular genres. He leads workshops and performances in Europe and the world.

Body Rhythm festival in Hamburg, Anna Llombart
Interview with Max Pollak
Body Rhythm festival in Hamburg, Ben Schuetz

There will be ten workshops during three days, a chance to perform in Open stage event and to participate in the presentation of the workshops.

The festival will include a four day artistic residency of five international artists from the field of dance, music and theater. They will explore and blend traditional music with contemporary art expression and techniques, making unique international performing art pieces that will be presented at the closing event of the festival.

The place where we offer accommodation and that provides food as well is Ecological center Radulovacki, a hostel in the center of Sremski Karlovci. Food can be vegan and vegetarian, a well. There is an opportunity of a boat ride on the Danube that Pokret gorana Vojvodine, the ecological association that resides there, offers.

Program of New Balkan Rhythm Festival

May of 2022
Crowdfunding campaign

Help us with the basic funding of the event: the funds we need for the teachers to travel, accommodate and eat during the residency and the festival. This is a chance to get the registration fee for the workshops by early bird prices.
We’ve just finished the successful crowdfunding campaign on Dobri Dabar platform.

09/19 to 09/22
Artistic residency in Sremski Karlovci

During the residency, five international artists will create a performance combining heritage of Serbia, Spain, Balkans, Latin America and Europe and elements of body percussion, tap dance and flamenco. The artists are Max Pollak (USA/Austria), Anna Llombart (Spain), Ben Schuetz (Germany), Marko Dinjaški and Ana Vrbaški (Serbia). Their creation will be presented on the main event of the festival on Saturday.

Opening concert of Alice in WonderBand
Body music from the Balkans

Four workshops of 1.5 hours
Open stage event in the evening
Performances of local artists and international participants of the workshops at the festival

Four workshops of 1.5 hours
Concert, main event
Presentation of workshops with participants and the closing performance of the international artists/teachers

Two workshops
of 1.5 hours
Tour of Sremski Karlovci with a guide
(historic monuments from XVIII and XIX century, river Danube, wine cellars)

Max Pollak All In One performance
Anna Llombart, group performance
Max Pollak documentary

Sremski Karlovci are a beautiful small town situated on the bank of Danube, just outside National park of Fruska gora, with various cultural and historical landmarks. Sremski Karlovci are also famous for honey, grapes, wine and brandy (rakija).

Feel the atmosphere of Vojvodina and Sremski Karlovci: Zu Tisch Vojvodina was filmed for ARTE TV with Alice in WonderBand artists, Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški, who live near the National park of Fruška gora, just outside of Sremski Karlovci, for 24 years.

Accomodation and food: Radulovacki Eco Centre in Sremski Karlovci

Partners: Touristic organization of Municipality Sremski Karlovci, Pokret gorana Vojvodine, Primary school 23. oktobar, Special primary and secondary school Milan Petrović Novi Sad, RTV Vojvodina, 9Design, MrV production

Sponsors: Veritas Winery Sremski Karlovci * Pyramid Ing doo * CHW Instal * MIL-Gradnja 1991 DOO * devvote

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