Ko peva zlo ne misli – CISI & AWb

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Jewish melodic theme became the base for the Serbian proverb Ko peva zlo ne misli (The one who sings, means no harm) finished by the imaginary continuation in Polish a kto tańczy, prawie do nieba szedł (and the one who dances goes to heaven).

The song Ko peva zlo ne misli is a collaboration of Polish duo CISI and Serbian duo Alice in Wonderband. Ana Vrbaški is singing in harmony with Julia Lewandowska. Marko Dinjaški provides the body percussion base adding the very specific flavor, again based in odd Balkan rhythm of seven-eight. Last but not least, the composer and arranger of multi instrumental background, Łukasz Malok, filled the space with the rich folk sounds, exploring the possibilities of recording the paths of guitalele, double bass and accordion, as well as putting it all together into a piece of a dancy-dreamy tune.

Premiere of the Ko peva zlo ne misli music video, edited and directed by multi talented Julia Lewandowska is on May 22 at 7 PM (UTC+2).

CISI and Alice in WonderBand will have a concert together in Krakow at Przestrzeń Ruchu i Tańca Kontakt (Szpitalna 40) on June 1 at 7 PM (UTC+2).

CISI are Julia Lewandowska and Łukasz Malok.

They create communication from silence. Love of sound is shared with world music jazzy tunes.

The sounds of the double bass, piano, Rav Vast Drum and a whole range of different beats & instruments among the invited guests create the musical landscape, which they are happy to share.

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CISI’s release INKAUST on Spotify

The duo Alice in WonderBand celebrates an unusual and compelling genre mix. They take the audience on a journey through the Balkans and they are not afraid of new sounds. Ana Vrbaški (voice, body percussion) and Marko Dinjaški (body percussion, voice, didgeridoo) released RikaTaka, New Balkan Rhythm for CPL Music in 2022.
Learn more about Alice in WonderBand here.