Pure energy – Alice in WonderBand’s performance – Süddeutsche Zeitung

An article from Peter Kees of Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 11th 2018, about Alice in WonderBand‘s performance in Meta Theater.

Exceptional guest performance

The audience at Meta Theater could not get enough of listening and watching: Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški performed a celebration of sound and rhythm.

Once more we had a confirmation that Meta-Theater in Moosach is a guarantee for exciting evenings. Guests of the Theater were an artist couple from Serbia: Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški, for 21 years also a couple in life. It needs to be highlighted: what this duo celebrated and performed on stage was grandiose.

Pure energy

Was it a theater or music performance? These artists use only their bodies and voices as music instruments. Nothing more. But they do it with such energy, knowingly and persuasive, that their act is also a very amusing and interesting pleasure, that in the same time has depth. They tease and play with each other, use mime, dance, clap, stomp, sing, snap the fingers and even using the simplest elements make a stunning celebration of sounds and rhythms, producing sound that moves, even if it is done only by rubbing hands. What they offer is pure energy, rhythm in its primordial form.

Photo: Ines Wagner and Peter Kees

During the play Vrbaški and Dinjaški flirt, play and tell a tale of man and woman, gender relations, in same time adding exciting dance acrobatics. The audience was amazed. Is it a theater, a performance, music, dance? This artist couple from Serbia has an exceptional sense for music. They are masters of their bodies, and the play is expressive and natural. Their performance emits authentic vividness.

Alice in WonderBand’s performance

The duo combines Croatian traditional songs, rock music from Serbia, Macedonian music, but also songs of Edith Piaf, The Beatles and Prince with virtuosity. Even tones of classical music, such as Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony are to be heard. The voice of Ana Vrbaški deserves to be herd with great attention. She has a rich voice, full of strength with sparkling depth and sings ecstatic in one moment and very light in the next, as if she is playing. Her soul opens while performing the songs of Balkans’ heritage. Marko Dinjaški also sings, plays and a gives rhythm for commend.

Every part of the performance fits into the picture: body and voice, choreography, timing, play, presence on stage and direction of Višnja Obradović. Even with mouth full of water they gurgle and play magical tunes. Then two times they use objects as aid: once Ana Vrbaški plays the piano with left hand, an ostinato phrase of Ravel’s Bolero, and sings the melody of orchestral part with grandiose crescendo. Bravissimo! Second time Marko Dinjaški as instrumentalist plays didgeridoo, that later as an instrument becomes the barer of rhythm. First class act of these two artists from Serbia from Novi Sad tinkled the ears and senses of the audience, so they wish to hear and see more.

Translation from German: Alida Spilkucić
Translation to English: Ana Vrbaški