Balkan Most festival, conference and body music from the Balkans

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As the finale of the three-year European MOST Music project, the first Balkan MOST festival was held in Vesprem, where we had the opportunity to present ourselves. The festival was a showcase for the artists who participated in this European project, and the hedaliners of the festival were Marina Satti, Dubioza collective, Manu Chao and others.

The festival also had an accompanying program, a conference, which included various panels, lectures, and quick meetings with representatives of the music industry. A perfect opportunity to connect with foreign media as well, during which we had the pleasure of talking to journalists from Japan, Poland, Great Britain and Slovakia.

We were lucky to meet Anna Masatova, our mentor from Most Music project and Christian Pliefke, head of CPL-Music, our label, and talk to many colleagues from the global music scene.

Balkan Most festival in Rolling Stone magazine
Balkan Most festival in IQ Mag

Balkan Most festival, Vesprem, recording by Galgoci Tamas

European Folk Day in Novi Sad

Join us on Saturday, September 23 at Zenit Books in Novi Sad for a free workshop of body music from the Balkans. This event is a sort of echo of the New Balkan Rhythm festival, where we played this music. We organize the workshop as part of the European Folk Network initiative.

On the same day, the premiere screening of videos from the opening concert of the New Balkan Rhythm festival will begin.

Balkan MOST festival in picture and sound

Ula Novak‘s radio show, JazzKultura radio

Vladimir Potkan‘s Hudba sveta radio show about the festival and conference. We visited Potkan in August, we played a short acoustic concert, when we were on tour in Slovakia.

Oriental Music Show of Takuya Unagami from Japan about the festival in Vesprem and the radio show that announced the festival.

Photos by Takuya Unagami

Stance on Dance‘s article about the New Balkan Rhythm festival

The American magazine Stance on dance published an article about the founding of the body music festival in Serbia and all the hardships and joys that accompany this venture.

So far only in the printed edition, the article will also be available on their website at the end of October.

09/23 Novi Sad, European Folk Day: New Balkan Rhythm workshop
10/01 Novi Sad, Mensa Serbia Giftedness conference
10/07 Novi Sad, Sinagoga Charity concert, Svoj svet
10/14 Skopje, Vinoskop festival
11/29 Gornji Milanovac, Mini bijenale