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Balkan body music took us on a journey through the Balkans this year, and the tune we performed at the opening concert of the New Balkan Rhythm festival, Maria Ramo de Palma, took us to Galicia! We participated in WOMEX, world music expo, with the support of the MOST Music project. We represented Serbia with delegates of the World Music Association of Serbia and members of the Naked band from Belgrade. We were among 2,500 delegates from all over the world in A Coruña, a beautiful city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Among all concerts, one was particularly interesting. Performance of Nimkii and the Niniis, a Canadian musical group from Wiikwemkoong (Ontario) was one of those experiences that cannot be described in words and can’t be seen and heard on video, no matter how good the production. Musicians and dancer performed the ritual of healing for the whole community: not just their own, but especially of those who had harmed them in previous generations. This reminds us of the most important, sacred role of music.

We were inspired by this concert when we performed in Porto at Casa Comum, a small music hall of the University of Porto. We got a standing ovation! Very grateful to the University community and to Greta Wardega, who organized everything.

In mid-October, Ana was in Sofia at the first So Alive Music Conference. At the end of November and the beginning of December, the PIN Music Conference in Skopje awaits us. Find us there! Of course, without the support of the MOST Music project, none of this would be possible.

The November performances will mainly be dedicated to children (and parents). On November 11, we will finally be in Belgrade in Silosi with Centipede Rhymes, music theater performance for children in Serbian.

On November 29, we will perform Centipede Rhymes at the Mija Aleksić Cultural Center in Gornji Milanovac.

On November 18, the Finnish artist Vilma Talvitie will be our guest. She plays body percussion, as well as percussion on the body of her instrument: the piano. Vilma performs songs from different musical traditions, as well as her original music. We tried to organize a concert, but it seems we can’t find the right space with the piano. If we don’t manage to organize anything by then, we will hold a house concert in our home in the woods. If you have an idea or want to come to the concert, contact us.

Balkan body music in the media

Listen to the WOMEXICANS radio show on Waterwaves Radio, hosted by Julia Olsen and Stephen Kearney from Ireland. We were guests in an imrovised studio in a hotel room and performed one song live in the program. Exciting time during WOMEX!

Listen once more to the Rhythm Passport, a show hosted by Marco Canepari, that was recorded during the Balkan:MOST festival. New episode from WOMEX soon! We performed in a free session with the group Evoeh from Barcelona and Remy Leclerc. Evoeh is a duo that performs Sephardic, Spanish and Portuguese world music. Remy Leclerc from France leads the group Humanophones. He is our brother from the world of body music.

We had the pleasure of having Takuya Unagami represent us again on the J-WAVE Oriental Music show. He recorded an interview with us at the Balkan:MOST festival in September. Thank you!

We also appeared at the audition of this year’s Croatian Supertalent show with the song Mene majka jednu ima.

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