Concert and workshop of AWb in Croatia

This February we started exchanging experiences and knowledge through the Twinning project in cooperation with the association Cirkultura from Samobor. When we were already on the road, we couldn’t resist performing and holding a workshop in Croatia. People were asking for more slots for the workshop, and the concert was just the beginning of cooperation. It was great and very dynamic!

Concert in Zagreb

As part of the series of concerts Vrelo zvuka at the Močvara club in Zagreb, we performed a concert of Balkan music on February 13th.

This concert meant something more to us: we celebrated 25 years of love. And everything else we do was created out of that!

Many thanks to Emir Fulurija who was a great host and the audience who welcomed us most cordially and enjoyed, clapped and cheered all the time during the concert.

Photo: Jahvo Joža

Workshop of odd rhythms from Balkans in Samobor

At the workshop in Samobor, we were dedicated to performing irregular rhythms from the Balkans through the technique of body music. We touched on the basics of technique, body and voice settings, worked out ways to create arrangements for different irregular rhythms and learned the arrangement for the Bulgarian song Izgryala e mesechinka.

Twenty participants joined us in researching the sounds produced by body, movement and voice. After the workshop, participants received short video tutorials and score with the written arrangement of the song.

The workshop was organized in partnership with the associations Cirkultura from Samobor and the Center for the Theater of the Oppressed POKAZ from Zagreb.

If you want to study with us online, sign up for the New Balkan Rhythm workshop in March. We will continue to explore irregular rhythms from the Balkans and musical and cultural heritage – the next song is Jovano, Jovanke from Macedonia.

Photographs and video: Sanja Prodan