February of AWb – body music in Slovakia, Poland and Serbia

It very awkward that it’s February and it’s spring: sun is shining, birds chirping in the forest and early flowers are blooming. The year is opening before us. Participating in the MOST Music project last year, releasing an album for CPL Music, changed a lot for us. This year we will perform and teach workshops in thirteen countries, as things stand for now! Check below for where and when. Let’s not forget the New Balkan rhythm, a body music festival, which we will organize again this year at the Radulovački ecological center in Sremski Karlovci.

02/13 Kafe Scherz, Bratislava, Slovakia
02/15 Workshop, Teatr ROZBARK, Bytom, Poland
02/17, 02/18 Workshop, Kontakt. Przestrzeń Ruchu, Tańca i Muzyki, Krakow, Poland
02/25 Workshop, Kuća umetnica, Belgrade
03/02 Zadruga Zelenica, Zagreb, Croatia
03/05 Hostel Celica, Sozvočja sveta, Ljubljana, Slovenia
03/11 – 03/31 Residency, Rozbark Theater, Bytom, Poland
04/06, 04/07 Workshop, Folk for fun, Poznan, Poland
04/14 Workshop, Kuća umetnica, Belgrade
04/18 Cultural center, Boljevac
04/24 Zorica bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
04/26, 04/27 Balkan Trafik Festival, Brussels, Belgium
We’ll also perform at Trefpunt festival, Music Meeting festival, World Music Festival Bratislava, Maraton hudby in Brno…

Alice in WonderBand in Folk Galore

New Balkan Rhythm worskhop in Belgrade, International Day of Body Music, February 4th

Our New Balkan Rhythm festival awaits you from August 30 to September 1 in Sremski Karlovci. Workshop packages with accommodation are on sale through the GigsTix online service from next week. You can contact us for any information.

Join us in Krakow for a two days, ten hours workshop! We will explore the Balkan music and odd rhythms in Kontakt. Przestrzeń Ruchu, Tańca i Muzyki. We are teaching in Poland for the first time, but we’ll get back in April, to Poznan, to teach another workshop in cooperation with Anna Trąbała (Folk for fun). The workshop in April will be focused on dance and body percussion and is for basic level, and the one we’ll teach in Krakow on February 17 and 18 is for intermediate and advanced participants. You can apply here.

In March, we travel to Bytom, a city in the south of Poland for a residency! We cooperate with the dance theater Teatr ROZBARK. The working title of the project is Bytom and Novi Sad: mirror with sound. We will explore the similarities and differences between these two cities and countries through traditional songs. We will combine the music with dance, choreography for dancers with body percussion. Next week we will teach a preparatory workshop with the team of dancers from the Teatr ROZBARK. During the residency, we will prepare a presentation with musicians and dancers.

The work with dancers and musicians from Poland will be created with the support of the European Union and the Goethe Institute, the Culture Moves Europe mobility grant. The views expressed in our work in no way reflect the official opinion of the European Union.