International Day of Body Music – New Balkan Rhythm workshop

Join us on 5th of February at 6 PM (Belgrade time, GMT+1) for an online workshop of music from the Balkans on the occasion of the International Day of Body Music – be part of the workshop we are organizing with participants from all over the world!

New Balkan Rhythm workshop

We are Ana and Marko from Serbia. We’ll meet online to teach you irregular rhythms or odd beats from the Balkans and other juicy rhythmical stuff with addition of singing.
The workshop is interesting for complete beginners as well as advanced learners.

Let’s make body music!

The event was launched thanks to the International Day of Body Music in remembrance of Fernando Barba, founder of Barbatuques. Connecting thousands of people from all continents into one community that sings, dances and rejoices in life on that day. This event is curated by IBMF.

Free online body music workshop on our YouTube channel

Here you can find the application form.
Fee: 11 EUR

If you were part of the group in our previous New Balkan Rhythm workshops or you participated at the New Balkan Rhythm festival, you will get a special discount if you bring one more person with you. You and your friend get the workshop for 16 EUR.

Learn more about the New Balkan Rhythm festival! Watch the documentary based on ‘Motions creating emotions’ radio show about the first New Balkan Rhythm festival in Sremski Karlovci in September of 2022.
The video premiere is on the 5th of February 2023, International Day of Body Music on our YouTube channel.