International Day of Body Music – New Balkan Rhythm workshop

We’ll meet on International day of body music online to teach you irregular rhythms from the Balkans and other juicy rhythmical stuff with addition of singing.

The first New Balkan Rhythm festival

Welcome to the first New Balkan Rhythm festival: workshops of body music of Anna Llombart, Max Pollak, Ben Schuetz, Alice in WonderBand, performances and delightful cultural experience.

Ben Schuetz – the artist and the workshops

Ben Schuetz is a body percussionist and body musician, founder of Body Rhythm festival in Hamburg. He will teach workshops at the New Balkan Rhythm festival in Sremski Karlovci.

Max Pollak – the artist and the workshops

Max Pollak is a dancer, musician, singer, choreographer, lecturer. He’s leading body percussion workshop at the New Balkan Rhythm festival in Sremski Karlovci.

New Balkan Rhythm monthly online workshops

New Balkan Rhythm workshop of odd/irregular rhythms, body percussion and world music will be held by Alice in WonderBand monthly online. Join us!

Pumpkin broth

Pumpkin broth is made quickly and easily from simple ingredients. It’s the perfect appetizer for every lunch. The combination of spices is what makes it delicious.

Chili brownies

Chili brownies combine sweet and spicy into a perfectly unusual dessert. It’s made from simple ingredients and gives a rich chocolate taste with a hint of spiciness.

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