Body music in August – tour in Slovakia

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The body music challenge we jumped into, as if into the cold water of mountain river, was a session, a live concert at Radio FM in the program Hudba sveta with Vladimir Potkan as host. After an epic eight-and-a-half-hour journey from Fruška gora to Bratislava (because, of course, we were waiting at the Hungarian border), we were fresh and ready to play an acoustic concert at half past ten in the evening. We were greeted on the radio by the friendly host Vladimir, who the next day was our guide, along with his two teenage sons, through the beauties of Bratislava.

Ivana Vereski was also there, who translated the conversation from Serbian to Slovak, so we could speak more freely, in our mother tongue. The hosts from the festival in Piestany, Branislav and Branislav, were with us, whose concert you can also listen to on the recording. The wonderful photos that speak more than words about Yugoslavia’s and Slovakia’s common socialist past and the glorious days of radio, as well as the passion with which we performed our music, are the work of Peter Kurhajec.

You can listen to the recording of Alice in WonderBand‘s concert on Slovak National Radio in the Hudba sveta program here (from 41.30).

See you in Sremski Karlovci from August 25th to 27th – New Balkan Rhythm festival!

The road took us from the radio to the Piestany Street Art festival. Piestany is a spa, like the ones from Milan Kundera’s novels. We were blessed with 5 star accommodation on the promenade street, where most of the performances were happening.

We’ve meet some very interesting musicians from Slovakia and had two concerts. There was even time to go for walks and see an exhibition of Alphonse Mucha’s posters.

Performing in the Smolenicky castle was quite an adventure, and it came in a package with accommodation. Two days of sleeping and eating in this wonderful atmosphere made us feel like nobles.

Many thanks to the management of the castle, because we really felt like home.

The last concert was in Music a Cafe in Nitra, very welcoming music club with great equipment and professional crew. A new friend from the audience came from Hungary to hear and see what we’re doing on stage – thank you!