Balkan body music April

April brings us excitements: we’ll be performing and doing a body music workshop in Brussels for the first time at Balkan Trafik Festival on Saturday, April 27. We are looking forward to warming up the audience with some odd beats from the Balkans. The performance is supported by the MOST Music program and mobility fund of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia.

After the concert we had in Celica in March, we are coming back to Ljubljana for a concert at Zorica. We perform on April 24. You may join our workshop a day before, on April 23. Find all details here. Thankful to our booking agent in Slovenia, Helena Jarm.

We’ll also have a workshop in Belgrade on April 14 at Kuća umetnica space (details here in Serbian). Our interactive music theater play for children, Centipede Rhymes, we’ll perform in Boljevac at the Cultural centre.

Meet us at Budapest RITMO! We’re there as delegates, supported by the MOST Music program.

Meet us this August in Sremski Karlovci at the New Balkan Rhythm festival. Learn more!

Balkan body music in March…

We were in residency at Rozbark Theater (Bytom, Poland). For 13 days we’ve done rehearsals with the students of the Academy of Theater Arts from Krakow (dance theater department in Bytom), and local musicians, singers and dancers from the community of Rozbark Theater.

Check out the trailer of the outcome of the residency, body music and movement theater work in progress Bytom and Novi Sad: Mirror with sound. Traditional songs of Silesia and Vojvodina meet dance and movement, telling stories of life, war, love, happiness and support. We’ve created something new with a wonderful group of artists. And hope we will continue the work!
Soon we will have more material to present.
Disclaimer: This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union. The program is supported by Culture Moves Europe program for mobility of artists.

We also had an opportunity to teach workshops for kids at the Frédéric Chopin General Secondary Music School in Bytom. This is an extraordinary school for talents, where children get the full education with the emphasis on music.

We led body music workshops at the Rozbark Theater for high-school youth from Katowice. This way we also presented Vojvodina, north region of Serbia, as well as the Balkans. Speaking about Fruška gora, Novi Sad, similarities and differences of Silesia and Vojvodina, we touched upon some of the research for the residency. It was an ideal moment to perform some of the songs from our concert. TVP3 from Katowice filmed a short excerpt, which can be found in their video show Let’s go to the theater.

When at the theater, why not perform a theater show? So we did! Kiss Musical Comedy found its way to the hearts of the audience and we had full house two nights.

It is not surprising that we come back to Poland in the end of May. We will perform the concert at Rozbark Theater again and the we will lead a two day workshop of body music from the Balkans in Krakow at Kontakt – Przestrzeń Ruchu i Tańca. Find more info here. Dziękujemy for the invitation.

We will also perform with wonderful new music friends from Poland, CISI! Julia Lewandowska and Łukasz Malok are duo of multi-talented artists from Poland. They cooperated with us during the residency. Watch out for the new song and video, they are coming soon!

In the beginning of March we had concerts in Ljubljana and Zagreb, performance of the theater show Kiss, workshop and a seminar for the teachers.

We will come back to Zagreb for another seminar in October. Find more info here (in Croatian).

Check out MOST Music Balkan World Music Guide – you may find some of our esteemed colleagues, festivals in the region – and, also our presentation.


04/24 Zorica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
04/26, 04/27 Balkan Trafik festival, Brussels, Belgium
18/05, 19/05 Music Meeting festival, Nijmegen, Netherlands
29/05 Teatr Rozbark, Bytom, Poland
07/26 Musical Picnics concert series, Trenčin, Slovakia
07 Trefpunt festival, Ghent, Belgium
08/10 Maraton hudby, Brno, Czech Republic
08/11 Smolenice Castle, Slovakia
08/13 Blues nad Bečvou, Přerov, Czech Republic
08/16 World Music Festival Bratislava, Slovakia
08/23 Bedem fest, Nikšić, Montenegro
08/24 Etno Urban Fest, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
08/31 New Balkan Rhythm festival, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
09/07 E.T.N.O. festival, Koprivnica, Croatia
09/22 St. Gallen, Switzerland


04/14 Belgrade, Kuća umetnica
04/23 Ljubljana, Center ponovne uporabe
05/12 Belgrade, Kuća umetnica
05/15 Munich, Kulturzentrum Giesinger Bahnhof
06/01, 06/02 Krakow, Kontakt. Przestrzeń Ruchu, Tańca i Muzyki
08/11 Smolenice Castle
08/13 Přerov, Blues nad Bečvou
08/17 World music festival Bratislava
08/30 – 09/01 Sremski Karlovci, New Balkan Rhythm festival
10/12 Zagreb, seminar for teachers