Fruitful autumn: Alice in WonderBand in October

The fruits of the hard work we did this year are slowly ripening and Alice in WonderBand’s music and work is gaining credit. We toured the entire Balkans (and part of Europe) performing material from our album RikaTaka, New Balkan Rhythm.

All those who were not lucky enough to be at the New Balkan Rhythm festival in Sremski Karlovci will be able to console themselves with video recordings from the opening concert and workshops. A fantastic performance of the song La Negra Thomasa by Max Pollak and Anna Llombart, the song Vrbice, vrbo zeljena performed by Macedonian and Serbian artists with a percussive battery from Germany, or the song Owen, Sebastian and Dario, which opened the festival concert, as well as many others you’ll find on the playlist New Balkan Rhythm festival and our YouTube channel. This and next week there will be more premieres.

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In mid-October Alice in WonderBand travel to the So Alive Music Conference in Sofia and then to WOMEX in La Coruña as delegates. We will have the opportunity to get to know the current world music scene firsthand and to meet many representatives of the music industry that we met in Veszprem. This would not be possible without the support of the MOST Music project, in whose selection we are this year. We’ll perform at the World Music Association of Serbia reception.

We are participating in the humanitarian concert of association of parents of children with autism on Saturday, October 7 in the Novi Sad Synagogue. You will have the opportunity to hear our concert in Skopje at the Vinoskop festival on October 14. We will perform in the Šarenica TV show on the Serbian National Television program on Sunday, October 8. We’ll perform the musical theater show for kids, Centipede Rhymes in Palić on October 4. In October, we will lead several body music workshops for users of the Milan Petrović special school work center in Novi Sad.

Body music September in Serbia

Everyone who attended the Giftedness Conference organized by Mensa of Serbia in Novi Sad had the opportunity to witness how interesting and suitable body music is for the development of giftedness.

Ana Vrbaški led the body music workshop and presented this technique. Do you know that we made 90 online workshops, which proved to be an ideal tool for work during the corona virus pandemic? And afterwards.

We also organized online seminars for educators in the whole region. We are still doing this type of education for teachers, now and then. Contact us for more information.

Photo: Zorana Radosavljević

We participated in the TV show Hajde da se volimo of the Serbian national television. See you at one of the next shows. Soon you will be watching us in a show program of another television in the region – in Croatia.

We performed at the Balkan: MOST festival of world music in Veszprem, Hungary, this year’s European capital of culture.

New music video for the song Jovano, Jovanke premiered at the beginning of September.

We took part in the celebration of the European Folk Day with a body music workshop in Novi Sad at the Zenit bookstore.

The American magazine Stance on Dance published an article about the New Balkan Rhythm festival.