Pumpkin broth

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Pumpkin broth is the perfect appetizer for any lunch. Its vibrant color and delicate taste warm both the palate and the heart. Pumpkin is the main ingredient in this broth, but what gives it its specific taste is the combination of chosen spices. We made this combination to our taste. Feel free to make your own!

Ingredients for pumpkin broth

1 pumpkin
bay leaves

Cut the pumpkin into equal parts. Put into a pot with water and spices, and cook for 30 to 45 minutes. Take out the bay leaf, drain the pumpkin and grind it into pieces. Mix ground pumpkin with the water it was cooked in.

This pumpkin broth is best served with bread and a bit of yogurt or sour cream.

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Text and photo:
Alisa Dinjaški