See you in August at the New Balkan Rhythm festival

The crowdfunding campaign for the New Balkan Rhythm festival at the crowdfunding platform Dobri Dabar is successful! We’ve collected 3400 EUR and we’re in the process of settling the accommodation and travel for our dear teachers, guests and old friends: Anna Llombart, Ben Schuetz and Max Pollak, as well as new ones: Elena Hristova and her band Baklava. We will be waiting for you in August in Sremski Karlovci: join us!

We are very grateful to all the people who supported us. All the perks you’ve bought during the campaign will reach you until the end of June. Thank you for your patience!

We are sorry we’re late with the info about the crowdfunding results. Please, forgive us, for it is (in essence) just the two of us handling all the production, artistic as well as project management, PR, logistics and visibility.

We are very happy we’ve been very busy this month and we have a summer full of events: performances, workshops, concerts in Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, North Macedonia, Slovakia and Croatia.

You can check out below where we can meet this summer and we hope that we will surprise you with a few more aces from our sleeves. Even hope we will be surprised!

And we have some more surprises: the short videos we’ve been filming in May on locations near to our home in Fruska gora, Danube, Novi Ssad, Petrovaradin. They are supported by the MOST Music project and produced by MrV production.

MOST Music is a complex European strategy for Balkan world music, supported by Creative Europe, a program of the European Commission for the support of culture and the audiovisual sector –

05/28 Body Rhythm festival show,
Hamburg, Germany
06/09 European Forum on Music,
Budapest, Hungary
06/11 Crnorečje u pesmi i igri festival,
Boljevac, Serbia
06/13 Dani lavande,
Bačka Topola, Serbia
06/16 Festivali Artisteve te Rruges,
Tirana, Albania
06/30 D festival,
Dorjan, North Macedonia
07/06 A to JazZ festival showcase,
Sofia, Bulgaria
07/08 Gabrovo, Bulgaria
07/18 ARLEMM festival,
Arilje, Serbia
08/05, 08/06 Piešťany Street ART festival,
Piešťany, Slovakia
08/09 Music A Cafe,
Nitra, Slovakia
08/25 New Balkan Rhythm festival,
Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
09/01 Atribut Association,
Knin, Croatia
09/09 BALKAN:MOST Festival,
Veszprem, Hungary

Teaching and performing:
Max Pollak,
Anna Llombart,
Ben Schuetz,
Marko Dinjaški and Ana Vrbaški,
Alice in WonderBand

Elena Hristova & Baklava
surprise guests!

You don’t need to go to New York, Hamburg, Barcelona or Skopje, come to Sremski Karlovci!