Concert and workshop of AWb in Croatia

AWb had a concert of body muisc from Balkans in Zagreb and workshop of irregular rhythms from Balkans in Samobor in February in Croatia.

Alice in WonderBand on ElectraLand Radio

You can listen to Alice in WonderBand ‘s music on Music around the world radio show with Howie Moscovitch as host on Electraland Radio in February.

International day of body music: New Balkan Rhythm workshop

New Balkan Rhythm workshop of odd/irregular rhythms will be held by Alice in WonderBand online on International day of body music.

Pure energy – Alice in WonderBand’s performance – Süddeutsche Zeitung

An article from Peter Kees of Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 11th 2018, about Alice in WonderBand’s performance in Meta Theater.

Pumpkin broth

Pumpkin broth is made quickly and easily from simple ingredients. It’s the perfect appetizer for every lunch. The combination of spices is what makes it delicious.

Celery leaf soup

Celery leaf soup is easy and quick to make. It’s suitable for vegans and gluten free. It’s also tasty, healthy, and rich in nutrients.

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